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The Caribbean Canadian Association of Waterloo Region “CCAWR” aspires to award three (3) or more scholarships each year to qualified Caribbean-Canadian students. Our goals are to promote academic excellence, foster leadership skills, and encourage community involvement among our young adults.



We offer several general and “named” scholarships that pay tribute to  members of our community in the Waterloo Region. All scholarships have a monetary value of $1500.00 or higher, unless specifically noted.

Undergraduate Scholarships:

  • The CCAWR general scholarships (1 or more)

These are awarded to students who meet our scholarship criteria and have demonstrated excellence in their academic pursuits as well as involvement in community-based activities.

  • The Vincent Smith Memorial Scholarship (*)

The Vincent Smith Memorial Scholarship was launched in 2019. It is a named award that pays tribute to the late Vincent Smith, who had a tremendous impact on our community. He was a community organizer, teacher, and a man of faith who touched many lives in our community, particularly youth. This CCAWR scholarship may be awarded to an individual who demonstrates strong community service and involvement in education.

  • The Lauris DaCosta Scholarship (* NEW for 2020)

The Lauris DaCosta Scholarship is new for 2020. It pays tribute to Lauris DaCosta  who shaped the CCAWR and has had a tremendous impact on our community over the last 30 years. Lauris has many accomplishments, was a past president and one of the co-founders of the scholarship program. Her latest successful project, “Many Roads to Freedom”, a concert that celebrates black history in Canada, received tremendous accolades. This CCAWR scholarship may be awarded to an individual who demonstrates strong community service and exhibits excellent leadership skills.

  • The Delabarre Pierre-Louis Family scholarship (* NEW for 2020)

The Delabarre Pierre-Louis Family Scholarship is named in honour of Delabarre Pierre-Louis, who was a Haitian lawyer  called to the bar in 1909. Delabarre became a Bankruptcy Court Judge, Secretary of State (Justice), and Counsellor of State of the Republic of Haiti. As Secretary of State, he was involved in drafting amendments to Haiti’s Constitution. Delabarre’s great-granddaughter is a lawyer in the Waterloo Region.

This CCAWR scholarship may be awarded to an individual who demonstrates strong community service and has an interest in civil rights or social justice issues.

Graduate Scholarships:

  • The James STEM graduate scholarship

The James Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Scholarship will be awarded to a full-time student of Caribbean descent who is enrolled in post-secondary studies, and who has  demonstrated  academic achievement, community involvement, and interest in the STEM fields.

Note: Any application submitted will be considered for any one of the above scholarships. The named scholarships (*) are offered based on funding available.



The eligibility criteria for the scholarships are as follows:

  1. Must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. Supporting documentation may be requested.
  2. Must be 17 to 25 years of age as of the end of September of the year the scholarship is granted.
  3. Must reside in the Region of Waterloo and be of Caribbean heritage.
  4. May be either a graduating (or graduated) high school student, or a student currently enrolled in University, College, or an accredited post-secondary institution. The applicant must be studying or accepted for study towards a diploma, degree, or certificate in any field at any accredited College, University, or Post- Secondary Institution.
  5. High school student applicants must have graduated or be scheduled to graduate from an accredited high school (public or private) before submitting their application.
  6. Good academic standing.
  7. Scholarship Award payments will be made directly to the educational institution the student will be attending.


Selection Criteria

Applications received are reviewed, vetted and potential applicants are selected by a volunteer committee.

The criteria for selection takes into account the goals and ideals of the CCAWR which are to:

  1. Recognize outstanding achievements and efforts in community involvement, academics, culture, sports, and arts);
  2. Foster high professional standards;
  3. Recognize the development of exemplary leadership qualities; and
  4. Encourage active participation of the scholarship recipients and their families in CCAWR events.

A Scholarship may be granted to an individual who may not have exceptional academic achievements but has demonstrated outstanding proficiency in some other field, including , the Arts or Industrial disciplines.


Scholarship Cycle

April 1st – July 15th     Acceptance of Applications
July 15th Application Deadline for Students
July 30th Review and Decision of Scholarship Committee
August 15th Award Recipients Notified
September (End) Awards Ceremony & Presentation
September 30th Scholarship Cheques Mailed to Institutions


Guidelines for Completing your Application

The applications and all accompanying documentation should be submitted online. The link to the online application is below.

Please ensure the following:

  1. That the Application is submitted by the due date to be eligible for that year.
  2. That all sections of the Application are completed, your name is spelled correctly, and the information is legible.
  3. That your references, transcript, and photographs are included with the Application.

Please note that by completing the Application form you are providing us with your consent to publish your photograph and information to the public.


Application Requirements

  1. A completed Application form must be submitted by the deadline of July 15th , with a high-resolution (minimum passport size) photograph of the applicant.
  2. High School transcripts may be forwarded to the committee by July 15th, if the completed application form has already been submitted.
  3. The names and contact information of two (2) references as outlined in the Application form.  One may be a teacher from your school, college, or university. The other must be from an individual (other than your teacher or family member) who is familiar with you and can attest to your community service.
  4. Proof of acceptance or confirmation of enrollment from the institution you plan to attend.
  5. Up to date official transcript from the institution you are currently attending, or last attended.
  6. A one-page essay explaining why the scholarship should be awarded to you.


Submission Deadline:            July 15th, 2020

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NEED HELP or more information

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Phone: 519-997-2780