We are seeking volunteers to join the CCAWR Board of Directors

The Caribbean Canadian Association of Waterloo Region (CCAWR) is a community-based organization led by a volunteer board that has as its core mission to promote the social, cultural, and economic interests of, and advocate for, the Caribbean community in the Region of Waterloo.

We are looking for volunteers to fill Executive (2) and Non-executive (3) positions on our Board:

  • Secretary (Executive board member- 1 position)
  • Treasurer (Executive board member- 1 position)
  • Non-executive board member positions (3 positions)


Board member duties include

  • Attending monthly virtual board meetings (2 hours) and committee-related meetings (one to two meetings monthly).
  • Joining at least one committee.
  • Attending CCAWR events and Annual General Meeting.
  • Building relationships with external partners.
  • Being a resource for the organization and a community connector.
  • Participating in the board’s annual evaluation and planning efforts


Desired experience and skills





Other board positions:
In addition to the executive roles, we are looking for board members that may have specialized skills or experiences that will help to strengthen our board, including:

  • Information technology or website expertise
  • Social media expertise
  • Finance or investment expertise
  • Event planning and fundraising
  • Organizational Strategy and Transformation

All board positions are volunteer.

Organization Mission and Objectives

Our core mission is to promote the social, cultural, and economic interests of, and advocate for, the Caribbean community in the Region of Waterloo.  We believe that an empowered, collaborative Caribbean community that is fully engaged and equitably represented in the Region of Waterloo.

The key objectives of the CCAWR are as follows:

  • To celebrate, promote and support the positive values and traditions of our diverse heritage, and to improve the quality of life of constituents and others who subscribe to our goals.
  • To provide social, cultural, and educational programs, including the awarding of scholarships that meet the needs of the membership and the community.
  • To offer a wide range of culturally sensitive services which support the diverse needs of our constituents.
  • To advocate on behalf of diverse communities on various economic, social, political, educational, and other relevant issues.
  • To foster cultural integration and help develop a society in Canada built on the principle of racial justice.
  • To collaborate with agencies and organizations that share similar values and goals.

Please refer to our website for further information about the CCAWR (www.ccawr.ca)


How to Apply

We welcome applications from people interested in joining the CCAWR’s board and living in the Waterloo Region and preference may be given to members of the Caribbean diaspora.

To apply, please send an expression of interest via email to secretary@ccawr.ca. You can also attach a cover letter and resume.