Flex We Talent

Flex We Talent has been together for 4 years. Powered by regular, locally-based volunteers committed to the art of community, Flex uses spoken word, drama, and improvisation to affirm and explore the past, present and future of Caribbean life, Canadian life, and everyday life. Flex We Talent is pleased to engage the community once more following last year’s positive reception of their piece, The Viola Desmond Story.

In 2019, Flex is honoured to present to you My Place is Right Here: Hugh Burnett and the Fight for a Better Canada, a meeting of research, imagination and drama that seeks to celebrate and make known the extremely important work of Hugh Burnett, an African-Canadian carpenter, and hero, born in Dresden, Ontario in 1918 whose actions changed our everyday lives for the better. Sipping a cup of coffee, enjoying a meal at your favourite restaurant: many of the key privileges and civil rights we enjoy—and sometimes fail to appreciate—are ours to protect because of Hugh Burnett’s skill, fire and years of dedication in helping create a better world for himself, his children, his community, Ontario, and all of Canada.

Hugh Burnett knew what his rightful place in society needed to be, even when others tried to deny him of this. Dearest audience members, please give your attention to Flex We Talent and the memory of Hugh Burnett as we embark on a journey to help his story take its rightful place in the forefront of our collective memory.