Celebrate Black History Month 2019 with us as we present a screening of “Devotion” and a networking event for CCAWR members and friends.

Link to Movie Trailer.

Date & Time: February 23rd, 2019. 2 pm to 5 pm.

Location: Kingdom Community International, 533 Weber St E, Kitchener

A bi-racial 11-year-old girl loses her mother in a car accident because of her father’s drunk driving. As father and daughter begin a new life, she is haunted by memories of her mother’s death and displeased with the new woman in her father’s life. This coming-of-age story seeks resolution between her identity as the child of a white mother and her reluctant forgiveness of her black father.

Prior to the 3 pm screening of the movie, there will be a 1-hour networking session where you can meet other professionals and Caribbean nationals from the area


All ages welcome!