In our society and organization we value:


1: Diversity, Inclusivity & Respect

We believe that all persons, regardless of area(s) of diversity, are created equal, are inherently valuable and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We further affirm that all are equally entitled to full access to all societal transactions .


2: Transparency, Integrity & Accountability

We are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity in our conduct, transacting business in an open and transparent manner. We take personal responsibility for our actions and/or inactions and their outcomes.


3: Equity, Sustainability & Responsible Stewardship

We believe that resources should be equitably available to everyone in society. We are called on to be responsible stewards of such resources, utilizing them in such a manner as to ensure they are also available to generations to come.


4: Social Justice, Social Change & Anti-Oppression

We believe in the rights of communities to organize and advocate for social change. We support the empowerment and strengthening of the voices of disenfranchised communities in their call for the dismantling of all systems of oppression and racism and the promotion of human dignity and a more just society.


5: Solidarity and Cultural & Heritage Preservation

We stand in solidarity with all cultural/heritage groups, especially those that are disenfranchised and are either under or un-represented in society. We encourage the preservation of their norms and cultural traditions, which adds to the rich and diverse cultural mosaic of our society.


“The question is one of fighting the causes and not just being satisfied with getting rid of the effects.”Che Guevara