In order to enhance its viability and relevance, the CCAWR has adopted five key elements referred to asĀ  strategic priorities or platforms. These are intended to ensure the organization meets its objectives, operates in accordance with its mission statement and seeks to fulfil its vision while holding true to its core values and principles.

The five (5) key elements are:


1: Awareness & Visibility

Leverage all forms of media (social and traditional), technological and communication tools, as well as strategic partnership and alliances, to build brand capabilities and recognition within our heritage community and the wider community.


2: Governance & Processes

Establish and continuously monitor the proper implementation of policies and processes, thus ensuring accountability, fairness and transparency in the organization’s relationship with all its stakeholders (members, sponsors, donors, customers, employees and the community) and enhancing the long-term prosperity and viability of the organization.


3: Events Execution

Deliver strategic and well-executed events, programs and services that allows us to build a reputation as an organization that is committed to the delivery of quality user experience and customer value.


4: Education & Advocacy

Provide educational opportunities and service offerings that build capacity for members of our heritage community and advocating for their right to exist as equals in a free, fair, safe and just society.


5: Resource Management

Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure the efficient and effective use of the resources (physical & human) entrusted to our care by our members, partners, donors, sponsors and volunteers; always utilizing such resources with the best interest of our heritage community, as well as the wider community, in mind.