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Picture of Irene Ekweozoh

Supporting Irene Ekweozoh’s Stand for Justice & Fair Treatment Under the Law

Irene Ekweozoh, a PhD student with dual Canadian-Nigerian citizenship living in Waterloo, is scheduled to appear for a First Hearing on November 3rd, in Kitchener, on a charge of assault. She believes that, in the early stages of the dispute, Waterloo Regional Police Service officers did not adequately and appropriately address her spoken and written concerns, despite […]

Diversity in Society

Help to Create the Future: Paid and Volunteer Positions Available

Hello Community, Decisions are being made daily, in places we have not traditionally had access to. Those decisions affect you, your family and your community. Your community needs representation- get involved! Here are a few of the paid and volunteer opportunities, along with guidelines on how to apply: RoW Anti-Racism Advisory Working Group: Deadline: October 5, […]